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Our clients save on average over £2000 per month Outsourcing to Rushbrook and Rathbone

05 September 2016

How do they do that you may ask, well It’s tempting, to see property management as little more than a convenient cash cow. Collecting the rent and arranging for the occasional plumber to call – in return for a nice regular monthly fee - looks like a no-brainer.

All too often, this means that the management side of the business is accorded little priority, relegated to those few spare moments in the otherwise busy working days of ordinary negotiators.

The fact is, good property management is vital to the long-term health and profitability of your lettings operation. Get it right, and it helps build solid and fruitful long-term client relationships. Get it wrong…and it can sap the strength of even the best lettings agency, destroy your firm’s hard-won reputation – and kill future business opportunities stone dead. 

So how do our agents provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and still save money.  In practice, there is only one real answer: outsourcing. A concept that has long been accepted in other spheres of business, this basically means that you hand over the entire property management function to people with the knowledge, the skills, the systems and the resources to deliver first-class service, round the clock.

You have no need to employ extra staff, worry about staff holidays and sickness, no matter what size your portfolio, you pay as you grow.  We work on a pay as you go service and the savings for our clients run into the thousands per month.

In effect, outsourcing provides you with a high-quality virtual ‘back office’ where all the paperwork, formal procedures, legalities, rent collection - in fact everything that supports the agreed offer - is taken care of on your behalf, by experts. It leaves you and your staff free to focus on attracting new clients and finding tenants, while at the same time hugely enhancing your firm’s reputation in the marketplace - and adding enormous value to your business proposition.

Now, THAT’s what I call a no-brainer!

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