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Outsourced White Label Property Management from Rushbrook and Rathbone

05 September 2016

Choosing to outsource your property management service has become a practical and constructive option for town and city based agents across the letting industry with ‘white labelling’ becoming a popular element of the outsourcing packages.

As an industry pioneer offering a model which many have followed, we are constantly evolving the scope of our outsourcing services, making use of IT infrastructure and technology to meet the needs of a growing portfolio of partner agents.

Principally there are two outsourcing avenues to explore: Dual Branding and White Label. R&R consult extensively with clients, exploring the pros and cons of each service before reaching the ideal solution for each case. The following example highlights some of the considerations.

Agent A, a small independent with an established portfolio, working a Home County territory from High Street offices.  Agent A had already outsourced their management needs to an alternative provider and sought our assistance to establish and maintain a higher level of customer service and boost local confidence in their offering.  Within a short time the agent reported a 2% average increase in fees for all services - across the board.  They achieved this simply by advertising the fact that they were partnering with a team of professionals dedicated to delivering top drawer management services.  This agent chose the Dual Branding option, appreciating the benefits his local clients would experience knowing they had the best of both worlds: local lettings expertise backed by a resourceful team of property management professionals.    

Agent B, a well established London based independent agency operating an extensive portfolio of quality properties. In this instance the agents need was to moderate overhead costs and grow profitability. Agent B’s brand was already well known and respected, it followed that a White Label service, providing like for like lettings and management support was clearly the way forward. The benefits of outsourcing the organisation and coordination of their management services combined with skilled lettings negotiators ensured Agent B’s clients experienced a completely seamless service variation. 

White Labelling does not sit well with every client and agents considering an outsourcing package should certainly explore the alternative of Dual Branding – Rushbrook & Rathbone will be pleased to provide a no-strings analysis of your particular circumstances, call 01462 420201 for further details or visit our Agents Page

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