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Relocation Services

The excitement and challenge of relocating for work - within the UK, to another country or from another country - can so easily turn to unbearable pressure for those of your staff involved.

What happens to their existing properties? Sell, rent or leave vacant? Who handles all the practicalities and paperwork? If it’s not to be sold, who can be trusted to look after it properly? Is there time to fit all that in when work is demanding?

The team at Rushbrook and Rathbone will help. With the knowledge and skills we have accumulated over twenty years working alongside businesses of every size and type, you can be confident that the whole process will be handled sympathetically and efficiently, making it as stress free as possible.

Our relocations services encompass all the issues that arise when moving to an unfamiliar area - not simply the basic ‘nuts and bolts’. For example, we’re able to help you set housing allowances for the new location, arrange local orientation tours, assist with school selection and arrange furniture hire.

In short, we take all the hard work out of the relocation process, for you and your valued staff. 

Rushbrook and Rathbone’s relocation service helps with:

  • Establishing housing budgets/allowances
  • Discussing and agreeing assignee and family needs
  • Providing accompanied local orientation tours
  • Sourcing property suitable for viewing
  • Arranging accompanied property tours
  • Negotiating terms of tenancy
  • Arranging property cleaning, garden tidy or remedial works
  • Hiring furniture, housewares and electrical goods
  • Transferring council tax and utility accounts
  • Appointing an inventory clerk to attend the Check In, read meters etc.
  • Outlining assignees responsibilities as a UK tenant
  • Providing a local area information pack
  • Attending to other needs: e.g. nursery care, school interviews